Colorism | When They Say You're Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl




 “You’re pretty for a dark skinned girl.” 

“I don’t usually date dark skinned girls.”

Has anyone ever had the audacity to utter those words to you? I certainly hope not. But let’s be real, if those words had never been uttered, we wouldn’t be having the colorism conversation, right?

Dating back to the days of slavery, the chains of colorism were woven into our psyche and are deep within the fabric of our brains, but does mean that we have to succumb to the ridiculous belief one shade of skin is better than another?


Colorism, originally used by slave owners to cause separation and divisiveness within the enslaved community, is still being used today both interracially and intraracially  to pit darker-skinned people against lighter skinned people and we’re here to help you break the chains. 

Yup! We’re pouring out ALL the colorism tea.  So, come on in and get you some of this healing.

Here a few things we talked about:

  • The origination of colorism
  • What it looks like inside and outside the Black community
  • Observing colorism for males vs females
  • The paper bag test and its possible use within Black sororities
  • The mental and emotional effects of colorism
  • How Black women can begin to heal from the residual effects of colorism
  • How you can start the colorism conversation with the young girls in your life

As you can see, we talked about ALL THE THINGS! We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic as well.  So, head over to shadesofstrong.com and leave us a voice message with your thoughts or shoot us a quick email at hi@shadesofstrong.com.


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AND if you need help starting the colorism conversation with the girls in your life, Genesis Begins Again is just what you need.  Available in paperback, Kindle and audio Genesis Begins Again tells  the story of a thirteen-year-old  who’s fighting to over come internalized racism and a verbally abusive family so that she can learn to love herself. There are ninety-six things Genesis hates about herself and the color of her skin just happens to be one of them.


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