Fatherless Black Girls

Not all fatherless black girls come from broken homes and not all fatherless black girls have daddy issues so let’s stop with the stereotypes.

When we hear those words, we automatically go to the place of single parent homes, but being fatherless comes in many forms.

  • You can be deemed “fatherless” even when your father is in the home
  • Lacking a father’s protection and support
  • Not knowing the identity of one’s father
  • Not having a father living

Shirl and Natty  have two very different experiences, but they both grew up without their fathers—Natty’s dad passed when she was eleven— and Shirl’s dad left when she was around the same age and although their experiences weren’t the same, they both experienced emotional trauma as a result of being fatherless black girls. Tune in to this week’s episode to find out they navigated the pain from those experiences  and how they’re dismantling the labels and stereotypes regarding the preconceived notions about what a fatherless black girl looks like.


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