A Single Black Mom's Guilt

Dear single black mom, you DO NOT have to cook and clean and wash everything …

…  be everything

… do everything!

Mama, gotta have a life too, right?

Before we dive into the cooking and cleaning of it all,  how bout we talk about the guilt that often comes with being a single black mom who has little to no help from the child’s dad. 

Single black moms often find themselves paralyzed with  guilt because they don’t have the support of the dad, but today we’re disrupting the madness.  

If you’re going to put energy into feeling guilty, check out this week’s episode and get some tips on how you can use that guilt in a more constructive manner.   Shirl and Natty spill the beans on their struggles around guilt and being a single black mom show you how to ditch the guilt that often comes with being a single black mom.

They’re giving you a bird’s eye view of what overcompensating looks like, why it’s a complete waste of time and how we’re often projecting what WE want on our children.

And then they brought it on home with how we need stop beating ourselves up for choosing someone who stopped choosing us. Sis, you do not want to miss this one. It is SO GOOD!

Press play and get this goodness in your life.



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