My strong is honoring my full body yeses, and trusting even the quietest whispers of my no’s”  

In today’s episode Tšhegofatšo Ndabane shares how she spent so much time caring for others til she didn’t know how to care for herself. 

She goes on to share how a bout with extreme burnout not only isolated her from her community, but also sat her down and forced her to take a look at how she was treating herself.  That awakening is now supporting her in doing life from a place that honors who she is and who she’s becoming. 

Tšhegofatšo offers simple strategies that can be easily integrated in to everyday life so you don’t find yourself suffering from burnout and how you can start recovering if you’re already there. 

… and the icing on the cake is how she supports her friends and family so they’re not working themselves into physical and emotional exhaustions. 

Tap in sis! You don’t want to miss this one. 

About Tšhegofatšo Ndabane

Tšhegofatšo is a writer, chief storyteller and strategist at Hustling Writers, and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology researcher at the University of Cape Town. Her words have been featured in various international publications including Refinery29, Well + Good, Life & Thyme, and Food52, amongst others. When she’s not writing away or sitting with the stories of her clients, she can be found walking, exploring art and nature, or experimenting with a new baking recipe.

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