Being Still and Embracing Quiet Moments

Being still and embracing quiet moments gives me Easy Like Sunday Morning vibes. It’s liberating, you know?

It’s not necessarily about not physically moving, it’s about creating a life with less stress, worry, and emotional overwhelm and Kimberly Sumpter is committed to mastering the art of it.

In this episode, Kimberly gives me an inside look at what it took for her to finally go from a life of extreme overwhelm to one where she intentionally and unapologetically ceates time to play, breathe and connect.

A few things she shared during our conversation:

  • The defining moment when she realzied she needed to do life differently
  • The importance of giving ourselves space to stop, breathe, rest and grieve
  • How learned behavior [from her mother] contributed to her “need” to always be on the move
  • Why she finds something once a week that makes her bawl cry and something every single day that makes her laugh
  • A very POWEFUL practice she’s integrated into her life to help her stay grounded. SN: It’s not meditation or yoga, but it’s just as powerful.

A Couple of Quoteable Moments:

“I can still have a voice, I can still do what I do without having to
be on social media and in that game 24/7.”

“Making sure you’re enjoy life is so important. It’s hard to enjoy
life when you feel so beaten down by the world and all the things you’re doing


Kimberly Sumpter is a podcast instructor who encourages women of color to expand their reach and share their unique stories through the power of podcasting. Before launching “Podcast To Empower” during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kimberly spent over seventeen years as a Radio Announcer, News and Traffic Reporter, and Promotions Director with a successful and rewarding career at major media brands including Clear Channel Radio, Service Broadcasting, and Radio One in Dallas, Texas.

Kimberly now mentors and coaches emerging podcasters with her signature “concept to launch” approach to find their unique voice as they craft compelling content for their ideal listeners. She currently teaches the fundamentals of podcasting to students from around the world through the Classroom Au Pair program and at Hudson County Community College in Jersey City, NJ.

Kimberly is the host of the Sistahs Connect Podcast and has been featured on MSNBC, the Podcast Business Journal, Authority Magazine, Izzy and Liv, and on Libsyn.com.

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Your Turn, Sis!

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My Strong Is is a campaign where we’re highlighting Black women who are daring to do strong differently – Black women who are making a conscious and deliberate effort to give up a life of caping, masking, and hiding.

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