Mental Health, Resilience and Post-Partum Depression

Mental Health, Resilience, and Postpartum Depression often get a bad rap in the Black female community. Mental health because it’s highly stigmatized, resilience because Black women are often celebrated for their bounce back game even when it’s to their own detriment, and postpartum depression because depression in and of itself is taboo – add postpartum in front of it and it becomes even more taboo. 

We’re glad “critically acclaimed and bornSasha Nicole is going against the grain and talking about ALL OF IT no matter how taboo or uncomfortable it may be. She stopped by the virtual studio to chat it up and pour it out about her experience with severe postpartum depression, resilience and how both impacted her mental health.

The reality is we may not look like what we’ve been through, but we’ve most certainly fought battles and bounced back from circumstances that probably could have and should have taken us out. That’s what resilience looks like for most of us, but for Sasha Nicole it also looks like being able to overcome her own self-inflicted obstacles and taking accountability for the choices she’s made

There are levels to this sh*t and Sasha Nicole is not afraid to break it all down. From reframing resilience to the disparities in mental health and the lack of knowledge and awareness around postpartum depression, she leaves no stone unturned. Press Play and GET INTO THIS AWESOMENESS!

Tweetable Moments:

“ In many cases there are a lot of Black women who are forced to be hyper-resilient for reasons stemming from trauma…” CLICK TO TWEET.

“A lot of times we like to go through fires and pretend we didn’t get burned. We keep putting that band-aid on and using resiliency as a way to wear the cape and keep going.”  CLICK TO TWEET.


For women who feel stuck and stagnant in life, Sasha Nicole teaches how to feel more confident and courageous through various courses, motivational videos, coaching, and keynote speeches.

As a mental health advocate in the wellness industry for over ten years who not only survived severe postpartum depression and thrives with a mental health condition, it is her mission to assist others in living a healed and whole life while honing in on what truly makes you happy.

Connect with Sasha on Instragram @therealsashanicole and on her website at www.fearlessnfluence.com. If you need support managing life after birth, connect with her at Partum Evolution or  join the support group HERE.

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