Wendi Dixon on Finding Comfort in Sitting with Uncomfortable Emotions

Sitting with uncomfortable emotions is undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences you will encounter along life’s journey. It’s also one of the most needed to enjoy a life of wholeness and total surrender.

I am joined in the virtual studio by one of the most unapologetic and authentic Black women I have met to date. Wendi Dixon is a beautiful soul who has experienced trauma in various areas of her life, but has found comfort, freedom, and peace in sitting with the uncomfortable emotions that once wreaked havoc on her life. 

I started my conversation with Wendi by asking her to repeat and complete the statement, “My strong is“. She responded with, ″My strong is emotion. I’m able to sit in the dark and the light.”

In today’s episode, she paints a really vivid [before and after] picture of her journey to being able to sit in the “dark and the light” aka sitting with her emotions whether good or bad, happy or sad.

Tweetable Moments:

“Trauma is not only what happens to you or the events that occur in your life; it’s what didn’t happen to you as well.” CLICK TO TWEET.

“You can only meet people where you have already met yourself. I can’t hold space for you if I can’t hold space for me. I don’t even know what holding space looks like.”  CLICK TO TWEET


Wendi is a Certified Circle Facilitator, Death Doula and budding Trauma Healing Guide based out of Kentucky. It is her soul’s purpose to help you grow by bringing the outer aspects of yourself into alignment with your inner truths.

As your mentor and guide, she walks with you as you step into your sovereignty, and freedom to live openly as your authentic self.

In her spare time, she enjoys learning about indigenous cultures, and traditions, spending time in nature, and volunteering at her local hospice. Wendi is a first generation American who came from humble beginnings between Chicago and a small village in Belize, Central America. She considers both places home.

Every month she facilitates Sister Circles as well as New & Full Moon Circles via Zoom. Get more information about these events by visiting her website TheShadowDoula.com.

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