Creating space for vulnerability is a magical thing,  but that magic can only happen when Black women are brave enough, courageous enough to become one with their bodies. 

In today’s episode we talk about why we’re seeing so much discourse around the phrase strong Black woman and how that phrase contributes to how challenging it can be for Black women to not only sit with their feelings, but also embrace vulnerability as a gateway to  wholeness.

Tap in to hear how we’re learning to sit with our feelings as Black women who grew up during a time when feeling feelings or outwardly expressing an emotion was unacceptable, how we’re now doing things completely different as we age out of the traditional way of being strong, and how we’re encouraging others to break away from the old school way of [not] feeling the feels.

A few things that came up in our conversation:

 – How vulnerability is often stigmatized in the Black female community
 – Crying the tears and feeling the feelings of our ancestors
 – The difference betweem sitting with a feeling and waddling in a feeling
–  Learning how to sit with your feelings and becoming your own safe place


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