Cultivating healthy girlfriendships is about creating a culture of trust — a culture where honesty is appreciated and reciprocated.

Today’s episode is an early celebration of Galentines Day, so in honor of the same we thought it would be fun to write a love letter of sorts to each other and we’re sharing those letters with you. 

So go ahead and tap in, sis so you can hear us love on each other like girlfriends should. It is our hope that after listening to this episode you will have gained some insight on how you can express your love for the girlfriends in your life. 

Here are a few things that came up in our conversation:

 – Celebrating Galentine’s Day and what that can look like
 – The importance of cultivating a culture that welcomes vulnerability
 – Effectively holding space for the girlfriends in your life
– Creating a culture of trust [among girlfriends] that is non-judgmental and forgiving


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