Doing the most  (for the purpose of this episode) is when a Black woman does WAY more than required or gives WAY more (energy) than she has to give to people, places, or things.

… either way she’s doing too much, and in today’s episode Shirl and Natty are saying, you don’t have to do that sis.”  But to be sure you’re NOT doing the most, you need others in your  in your corner who hold you accountable.

Today’s conversation is going to support you in being sure you’re surrounded by people who care enough about your well-being to say, sis you’re doing too much and not just say it, but also support you in NOT doing the most. 

A few things that came up in today’s discussion:

 – The importance of holding yourself accountable for how YOU treat YOU
 – How your feelings, emotions, gut and past experiences hold you accountable
when you’re doing the most
 – The difference between people in your circle and people in your corner
– Why you need community to support you in holding yourself accountable


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