Nurture yourself isn’t the buzz word that “self-care” is, but it definitely should be because Black women doing life from a place of exhaustion and overwhelm has been the running theme since our ancestors were stolen from Mother Africa and if anyone deserves nurturing it’s Black women. 

And before you come for us, yes we [Shirl and Natty] know that self-care and nurturing yourself ride in the same lane of the self-love highway, but rather than lump everything into one self-care vehicle, we thought it would be fun to break self-care down into five nurture yourself energy fueled vehicles aka categories.

A few things that came up in today’s conversation:

 – Why Black women are slowly moving from the space of I hate it here to I love it here
 – The five categories of nurturing yourself and why you need ALL of them
 – How self-awareness and self-acceptance contribute to how you nurture yourself
Nurture Yourself Bingo Cards and how to use them (Grab yours HERE)

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Nurture Yourself Bingo
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