“What if you’re having a tough day and you manage to get out of bed? That’s worth celebrating.”

In today’s episode Paballo Rampa gives us a peek inside her journey to healing from the Strong Black Woman Syndrome.

She paints us a picture of how she spent years dismantling the label that had been thrust upon her and how she is now showing herself love and compassion and creating boundaries that honor who she was created to be.

Paballo is adamanat about teaching others how to treat her by showing the world how she consistently and deliberately celebrates herself.

Tap in sis because she goes on to take us inside her journey to healing from the ancestral trauma that was contributing to the way she was living life.

About Paballo Rampa

Pabollo is an initiated black, queer female shaman from South Africa who is also a 2x published author. She also hosts the podcast I am Clapping For You which is about celebrating Africans from all over the world. Pabollo is on a quest to encourage people to celebrate intentionally and consistently, and with the guidance of her ancestors, she has launched a 7-Day Challenge To Celebrate Yourself which is aimed at overachievers and also coaches them through it. Paballo also offers creativity coaching for owners of creative businesses. Connect with Paballo on Facebook and Instagram @Come See Beyond.



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