Phyllis Hyman

In this week’s minisode of Black from the Past™ we’re shining a light on the breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly talented Phyllis Hyman. 

Phyliss Hyman was a Philadelphia native best known for her contributions to the music world during the late 1970s through the early 1990s. 

She had this sultry, velvety and smokey gorgeous voice that absolutely could not be mistaken.

In her own words, she liked songs that talked about the the emotional side of people, which is evident in her album, Living All Alone.

There was this sparkling presence about her that was simply unforgettable. But she also had this dark struggle with depression that wasn’t common knowledge into later on in her career.


Click HERE for a few Phyllis Hyman facts and  HERE for some Phyllis Hyman Favs.

A few things to ponder while listening:

  • The many ways Phyllis Hyman’s music helps us to tap into our vulnerabilities
  • How often what we’re feeling and experiencing doesn’t mirror how others see us
  • The importance of being aware of our mental and emotional well-being and seeking support when we need it

And be sure to check out her interview with Ebony/Jet where she talks about her insecurities and what it was really like working in the music industry and grab her biography, Strength of a Woman: The Phyliss Hyman Story written by Jason A. Michael available in paperback and Kindle versions.

Phyllis Hyman has not only made a significant contribution to the music industry, but also to the Black female experience as a whole and today we celebrate her legacy, her vulnerability, her humanness.


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Margaret Garner