The Rise of the Black Woman
The rise of the Black Woman…

I am she. She is me! And she is YOU sis!!!  This year brought about change for many of us. Some good, some not so good. But all of it was NECESSARY for us to start becoming the women we were born to be.

When you’re born in the land of the free as a Black woman, you’re born into a world where freedom and opportunity are not equally and equitably distributed. But even with these kind of odds stacked against us; this year we all bore witness to Black women taking center stage in various areas of their lives both individually and collectively and we couldn’t be happier to see it all unfold.

From Washington DC to our own back yards, It was truly a rise of the Black woman year, so Natty and I thought we would chat it up about some of the global moments in film and TV, as well as some of the moments where we took center stage in our lives. 

Today’s episode of the Shades of Strong Podcast is dedicated to Black women across the globe who dared to take a stand against the inequities, to Black women who refused to be silenced and to Black women who are screaming to the mountain tops, “my humanness matters”. Here’s to your RISE OF THE BLACK WOMAN MOMENTS!


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Your Turn, Sis!

We’re using our My Strong Is™ campaign to encourage our listeners to give up a life of hyper-independence, hyper-productivity, and hyper-resilience in exchange for one of play and ease.

My Strong Is is a campaign where we’re highlighting Black women who are daring to do strong differently – Black women who are making a conscious and deliberate effort to give up a life of caping, masking, and hiding.

We would love to hear how you define strong. All you have to do is complete the statement, “My strong is” and tag us (@shadesofstrong) on your favorite social media platform using the hashtags #shadesofstrong and #mystrongis. Alternatively, you can come be a guest on the podcast and share your strong with our listeners. Either way, we want to know!!!

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