Setting Clear Intentions
Setting clear and healthy intentions is a powerful way to strategically align with the person you want to become. 

By now some of you undoubtedly have already set your intentions for the new year and are probably patting yourselves on the back for successfully making it through a few days, and you should because every step you take towards doing life differently deserves to be celebrated.

But the reality is it’s going to take a lot more than setting clear intentions to do life from a mentally and emotionally healthy place. Likewise, it’s going to take more than intentions to do strong from a place that doesn’t cause overwhelm and frustration.

Being consistent coupled with being deliberate AND walking in that ish every single day is where the REAL magic happens.

In this week’s episode of the Shades of Strong Podcast, Shirl and Natty get candid about setting their intentions for the new year using their “my strong is” declarations and how they’ll intentionally leave room for magic.

A few things that came up in today’s conversation:

 – Why setting clear intentions works better than making new year resolutions
 – Determining what intentions should be set to do strong differently
 – Ways to recalibrate and make 2023 exactly what you want it to be
 – Deciding what to leave behind in 2022

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Your Turn, Sis!

What is your My Strong is declaration for the new year? What intentions are you setting around that declaration? How will you leave room for magic? Connect and share with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and catch up with all things Shades of Strong at www.shadesofstrong.com.

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