Healing the Little Black Girl

It’s time to heal the little Black girl behind the strong Black woman.

The life you long for, the deep connections you desire are buried inside the little Black girl behind the Strong Black woman.

The little Black girl who was conditioned to never cry, ask for help or need anyone, the little Black girl who was taught to mimic happiness even when her heart was breaking,  the little Black girl who was led to believe that it’s better to be seen and not heard.

Aren’t you ready to reacquaint yourself with her? 




You don’t have to morph into somebody else’s version of the Strong Black Woman.  You don’t have to be the fixer like Olivia Pope, slay giants like Cookie Lyon, be the Queen in the conference room like Mary Jane OR save EVERYBODY like Annalise Keating.


Join Shirl in this episode as she talks about:


  • Her personal journey of uncaping, unmasking and unhiding by way of a very vulnerable journal entry
  • Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding, Unlearning and Relearning
  • How the Superwoman lifestyle/mindset was birthed in childhood
  • How network television has gone  from one extreme (the mammy, the Jezebel, the sapphire) to the next (the self-sacrificing Strong Black Woman), thereby perpetuating the idea that the Strong Black Woman has to sacrifice herself to be ALL THE THINGS to ALL THE PEOPLE.
  • How to listeners can start to heal the little Black girl behind the Strong Black Woman
  • Autonomy of your emotional standards as a Strong Black Woman


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