Superwoman Must Die

The Black SUPERWOMAN aka the trope of the Strong Black Woman isn’t going to magically disappear by closing our eyes, clicking our heels and saying POOF BE GONE. 

That  stoic, unbendable Black woman that we’re all too familiar with is not only ingrained into the soul of SOCIETY, it’s also deeply rooted in the souls of Black women across the globe, which means slaying Superwoman is going to take an aggressive approach — it’s going to take us taking a dive in to the pain beneath her independence, her stoicism, her lack of emotions — her  STRENGTH. 

Society does a GREAT job – an excellent job of labeling Black women ALL THE THINGS without not even a glimpse into the pain that lies beneath. 

The reality is Black women are out here hurting, emotionally broken, and struggling to recover from traumas and tragedies — abuse, sexual assault, deaths, the dissolution of relationships and friendships – pain that has left them feeling afraid, hopeless, worthless, and unloved.

When that pain is not healed, it manifest itself in the form of SUPERWOMAN, but superwoman must die, so let the uncaping begin. 

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