Ride or Die

Alright guys!! Today we’re continuing our conversation on Cookie Lyons — the RIDE or DIE chick none of us wanted to be. 

As much as we LOVE Cookie Lyon, we are SO NOT here for how (on so many occasions) she was willing to RIDE or DIE for Luscious.  So, I think it’s safe to say that for this Black Superwoman, her kryptonite is definitely her ride or die characteristics. 

One of the characteristics of the Black Superwoman Syndrome is feeling obligated to help others even when that “help” is not being reciprocated. 

Tune in now as we start uncaping, unmasking, and unhiding THE Cookie Lyon. During our conversation we cover:

  • How Black women unknowingly fall into the trap of being the ride or die
  • Being trapped in an “emotional prison” within relationships
  • What keeps us staying &/or going back to unhealthy relationships
  • Emotional abuse and what it looks like
  • How childhood trauma causes us to settle in relationships
  • The importance of reciprocity in relationships

And of course, Natty and I we’re pretty transparent with our “ride or die” experiences. So tune in today’s episode and if resonates with you and you’re ready to start your journey to healing , please join us in the Sista Circle of Healing HERE.

We also love to have you join us in  in the Shades of Strong Facebook Community where you can connect with other Black women have open and honest discussions about things that concern us individually and collectively. This is safe space where we can lean on each other in times of trouble and unrest, and dance with each other in times of celebration.

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