Accepting Yourself with Cassandre Dunbar
Accepting yourself fully is the REAL glow up…

The world got us out here believing that a glow up is some major transformation in our careers, our appearance, our finances, etc. – you know, all the tangible stuff, but contrary to what they have led us to believe, the real glow up is internal.

But what does it really mean to accept yourself? What does it mean to embrace the totallity of who you are?  I’m glad you asked. Accepting yourself is about loving all of you right where you are. It’s checking the judgment at the door and knowing that your worthiness or your ability to attract love and affection has nothing to do with your appearance, you career, your relationship or social status.  

Accepting yourself fully is knowing that your value is separate from how you look, what you do, or what happened to you. It’s knowing your mistakes, imperfections and flaws don’t define you.

In today’s episode of the Shades of Strong Podcast, Dr. Cassandre Dunbar encourages us to stop waiting to morph into some perfect version of ourselves, but instead deliberately and intentioanlly embrace who we are in present day life  by letting go of society’s expectations of who we should be.

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A few things Cassandre shared during our conversation:
  • How giving birth to her son helped her to embrace and fully love herself
  • What it was like existing in a world where she was not comfortable in her own skin
  • Working through the trauma of not being enough and learning to take up space
  • Recognizing and effectively processing her triggers when the feelings of not being enough rise up

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pivotal moments [paraphrased] in this episode 


Getting to actually meet myself in therapy has taught me that
my strong is accepting myself for all that I am .

I don’t know how else to put it. I’m a dark skinned woman.
I thought I was ugly for a very long time. It took a
while for me to accept me as me.



Dr. Cassandre Dunbar is the creator/host of the award-winning wellness podcast called Be Well, Sis. In her personal quest to achieve holistic wellness, she noted that Black women are often underrepresented or alienated in Wellness spaces despite suffering the worst medical outcomes compared to their peers.

Cassandre began her podcasting journey in order to address this lack of inclusion. Since its debut in March 2020, it has been recognized by Apple Podcasts as “New and Noteworthy” twice, ranked among the TOP 10 of Alternative Health podcasts and top 200 of all Apple Podcasts in the United States.

She is dedicated to empowering Black women with insightful conversations on mental/emotional healing, personal development, and holistic wellness.

Connect with Tangee Augustin on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter. You can also visit her online home at www.bewellsis.com.

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