Identifying the Layers of the Black Superwoman Cape

Black women have been rocking the Black superwoman cape since we were little Black girls.

Don’t believe it? Check out Shirl’s “Red Rover” story in this first episode of Season 4. 

Tune in  as Shirl and Natty give you a behind the scenes look at what caping, masking and hiding looks like for them, how it all started, the NUMBER ONE thing the cape is costing them and how they’re learning to ditch the cape piece by piece, layer by layer.

This episode also takes a look at:

  • How the superwoman cape often forces us to “edit” ourselves and shrink back for the benefit of others.
  • Why/how we started caping and how we’re drowning in the “debt” of it all. 
  • The different coping mechanisms we use when caping, masking and hiding. 
  • How superwoman is NOT a lifestyle but one big ball of emotional and mental drudgery. 
  • How the superwoman lifestyle is somewhat comparable to the Stepford wife lifestyle. 
  • Healing the little Black girl behind the Black superwoman by redefining our super powers. 

As you can see, there’s A LOT of pouring it out happening in this episode and there’s so much more to come, so kick your shoes off. Get comfortable. Stay a while. 


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