The Things We've Lost

Sis, aren’t you tired of rocking that Superwoman cape?  Aren’t you tired of letting “them” tell you how to do life, how to do strong?  

If you answered yes, season four is just what you need to start the journey to uncaping.  

The theme for this season is “Things We’ve Lost to the [Superwoman] Cape” and we’re talking about ALL THE THINGS the cape is costing us and how we ditch the cape piece by piece layer by layer.  

The cape is costing ALOT:  

  • Sisterhood and community
  • Relationship and intimacy
  • Our emotional standards
  • Our right to be respected and protected
  • Our right to NOT be exploited
  • Our right to NOT be abused—verbally, physically & emotionally

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

We’re going in this season and it all starts NOW.



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