Prove your worth

Aren’t you tired of trying to prove your worth, your love, yourSELF to all the people? In today’s episode of Uncaping, Unmasking, and Unhiding, as Shirl and Natty wrap up their conversation on unmasking Cookie Lyon, they offer some practical and easily implementable strategies to support you in stepping out of the space of feeling like you have something to prove.  

One of the masks that Black women unconsciously adorn themselves with is the “people proving” mask where we’re trying to convince others of our truth, validate our worth, or demonstrate our capabilities, when the reality is we have NOTHING to prove to anyone.

Tap into this episode and get these strategies in your life, and  when you’re finished we would love to see your face in the Shades of Strong Facebook Community where you can connect with other Black women and have open and honest discussions about things that concern us individually and collectively. This is a safe space where we can lean on each other in times of trouble and unrest, and dance with each other in times of celebration. 

Sis, if you find that you’re fighting to prove your love and worth to others, please consider joining us in the Sista Circle of Healing, so that you can start your journey to healing. The next cohort starts November 9th

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Superwoman Quiz

Are you a perfectionistmaster performer, people pleaser, or people prover?

Take this 4 minute quiz & get a breakdown of your superwoman archetype & how you can use this knowledge to start healing from the Strong Black Superwoman Syndrome.