We are a little over the midway mark of Season two so we thought now might be good time to highlight some of our most listened to episodes. In other words, LET’S DO IT AGAIN.

Enjoy this compilation of clips featuring some of your and our favorite episodes, and if you missed any of them, go back and check out the full episode. 

And even if you didn’t miss any, check them out again and share them with a friend.

Episodes highlighted:

Episode 002: Behind the Mask of the Angry Black Woman

Episode 005: Trapped in a Bad Relationship

Episode 006: Habits That Keep Black Women Stuck

Episode 009: I’m My Child’s Friend, but I’m Still in Control

Episode 011: Sisterhood! They Smile in Your Face

Episode 012: Don’t Tell Me How to Heal My Pain Period

Episode 013: Finding Yourself and Standing in Your Truth

Episode 014: Where is God When Life Happens


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