Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding the Black Female Body

When you think about uncaping, unmasking, and unhiding the Black female body, what’s the first thing that comes to mind for you?

Nicole D. Vick joined me in the virtual studio today to answer that question.  She and I had a “real talk” conversation about how politicized the Black female body [from our hair to our feet] is and how the Black female body is scrutinized so much that Black women often feel like they don’t own their bodies.

Nicole points out how Black female bodies have been examined and scrutinized and how Black women have missed out on opportunities and have been sent home from work/school being told  [implicitly or explicitly ] that their hair styles, body sizes and body shapes are unacceptable.


  • How politicized the Black female body can be
  • The shame that often comes with being Black, female and “bodied”
  • Neutralizing the messages that contribute to NOT loving the bodies we’ve been GIFTED
  • Embracing the Black female body at every stage
  • What uncaping the Black female body looks like
  • The process of unlearning the messages the media feeds Black women
  • Colorism and its effects on how Black women exist in a society

This episode is for every Black woman who’s ever questioned if she was good enough because she doesn’t look a certain way. Tune in now as Nicole helps us to learn to love every inch of our Black bodies by learning to love the person the body houses.


Nicole is  public health advocate, educator, civic leader, and fashion and beauty aficionado. For the last fifteen years she’s worked with stakeholders, community organizations, and residents to improve health and prevent disease in some of Los Angeles County’s most underserved communities. Nicole is also a professor and loves to infuse her lived experiences and work experience into her lectures.

She’s a proud resident of South Central Los Angeles. From the Board Room to her backyard, her love of community manifests in many ways. She’s opened her home to the community by hosting pop-up shops to support local businesses owned by Black women and create awareness of the benefits of shopping local.

She also helps women embrace their bodies and find their sense of style without breaking the bank.

Connect with Nicole on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to check out her website to get a closer look at her work as an author, stylist and activist.

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