Is Your Mother Wound Keeping You Separated from Sistahood

The mother wound — the festering wound that we MUST heal in order to fully experience the joy of being in relationship with our sistas. 

Sistahood is the container where we GET to surrender to deeper levels of support, deeper levels of love and accountability, but it is virtually impossible to experience such deep connections when your mother wound is lingering in the unhealed crevices of your soul. 

If you find yourself mistrusting other women, playing small, or unable to feel at peace and grounded in yourself, you may be experiencing symptoms of a sister wound intertwined with a mother wound. 

In this episode Shirl and Natty are chatting it up about how the unhealed wounds from our mothers contribute to the broken sistahood and how we can begin the process of healing both. 


  • How the mother wound and sistahood wound are intertwined
  • What the cape is costing us when the hurt from our mothers is unhealed
  • Effectively grieving the loss of the mother you wish you had 
  • How the mother wound contributes to how we do relationship with others
  • How healing the wounds from your mother starts the healing of the sistahood wound

This episode is the second in the sistahood series. 

Tune in now. 

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