Lasting Friendships with Lana and Melissa

Sis!!! You DO NOT have to be your own best friend.

In this episode Natty and Shirl are joined by Lana Hunter and Melissa J. Nixon who have developed a friendship that few have the privilege of enjoying.

Lana and Melissa both believe that despite how friendships ebb and flow, lasting friendships are very much possible and they are living proof of it. 

Today we chat it up about how they met, how long they’ve been friends, what keeps the friendship GROWING, and how we can ALL experience long lasting, sista to sista friendships by being intentional, considerate and consistent in our efforts. 

If you’ve been hurt, betrayed or lost a friend, you’ll want to tune in to hear how these ladies view friendships, how during times of trauma they LEAN IN INSTEAD OF OUT and the TOP THREE things that keep them in each others lives. 


  • The work that goes into building lasting friendships
  • What healthy friendships look like
  • The importance of being open to new friendships even after being hurt
  • Setting healthy boundaries in lasting friendships
  • Recovering from broken friendships
  • Being intentional in friendships

This episode is the third and final conversation in the sistahood series. 

Tune in now AND be sure to check out the rapid fire questions at the end. 

And don’t forget to share with your friends.

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