Sistahood, the bond that keeps Black women together…

…until it doesn’t, right?

Contrary to what mainstream media would have you believe, Black women are the original GIRLFRIENDS — the original sistahood.

Seriously, NOBODY has your back  like Black women do.  But the reality is, whether intentional or unintentional, Black women DO hurt Black women.

…and it’s time to have a conversation about it.

In this episode Shirl and Natty are chatting it up about how Black women have each other’s backs and how sometimes things happen and they don’t anymore. 


  • The TOP FIVE challenges that contribute to broken friendships and sistahoods 
  • Hindrances to healing from broken sistahood wounds. 
  • The “superwoman shield” that protects us from being hurt again. 
  • Steps we can take to start healing from and rebuilding the sistahood wound.
  • The unique bonds that keep Black sistahood together.

Like every episode, Shirl and Natty POURED out a lot.

Take what YOU need, and leave the rest.

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