Uncaped | A Black Girl Daring to Heal

In today’s episode Lakeisha Carter takes us on a journey of how she took steps to free herself from the Superwoman Syndrome, is now striving to live an uncaped life, and how therapy is playing an integral part in her healing.

She admits that living an uncaped life is challenging because she was introduced to the Superwoman mentality in childhood and kinda felt like Superwoman was her destiny, but after losing her father she knew it was time to do life differently.  She reluctanlty sought support by way of therapy and is now takiing her life back.

If you’ve ever felt alone, voiceless or hopeless,  you’ll want to tune in to hear Lakeisha talk about how she made it over and how uncaping has changed her life for good. 


  • How rocking the Superwoman cape left her feeling voiceless
  • How “Black woman” labels became an hindrance for entering therapy
  • The steps she took get her voice back and learn to speak up for herself
  • The importance of being your authentic self.

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