Don't Call Me Superwoman

“You’re out here being superwoman — doing all the things, then when they expect it from you, you get an attitude.”

Malaika Simmons did not come to play games with y’all in  this episode.  She said if you don’t want to be called superwoman, say it with your WHOLE chest


This conversation was everything I hoped it would be.  Malaika took me on a journey of how she made the transition from the superwoman lifestyle, the challenges that came along with it and how she deliberately resides in a space that doesn’t require her to be anything other than what and who she is.  

The unique thing about her journey is that in order for her to unsuperwoman herself, she had to channel the WONDER WOMAN in her.  Yep! She traded in her cape for bracelets and a lasso.

Now, I know you’re probably asking, so… y’all seriously want me to give up one super human  just to take up another one? 

Yeah…kinda, sorta, but not really!  You to gotta tune in to get the scoop, sis because pouring it out here does NOT do this conversation justice.

So grab a friend, pour up your favorite beverage and press play.


  • How Superwoman is robbing you of YOU
  • Even when you’re doing too much is still not enough
  • Transitioning from the Superwoman lifestyle
  • Why Wonder woman is a better super human that Superwoman
  • Where your “Don’t Call Me Superwoman” power lies
  • The process of unlearning Superwoman behavior

This episode is for all the Black women who want to boldly and unapologetically tell the world, DON’T CALL ME SUPERWOMAN.   Tune in now as Malaika shows us how to tap into that power so that you can finally uncape, unmask, and unhide.


Life is a series of moments. What will you do with yours? Malaika Simmons, performance mindset coach, TEDx speaker, and author can help you figure that out. Malaika is a 2x Toastmasters club president, human-centered design strategist, innovation consultant, and co-author of two books, including the Amazon bestselling “The Success Blueprint” with Brian Tracy, and “Entrepreneurial Elevation”.

Malaika is the creator of The Momentology Method™, an intentional framework for living, she uses to help servant leading women executives and high performers design an impactful career, business and life. As a result of working with Malaika, her clients trust themselves, claim their voices and leverage their passions for profit and joy WITHOUT sacrificing their authenticity and integrity. She helps them lean into their joy and genius to live a Momentous Life!

Connect with Malaika on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to check out her website to get a closer look at her work.

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